Deborah A. Sykes

Candidate for Henry County School Board District 3


     Deborah A. Sykes, DBA is the youngest of three girls born to Charles and Marie Sykes. Her father is a 20-year veteran who proudly served in the United States Army while her mother served an equally important role as a stay at home mom, providing care, love, and support to their family. Growing up as a "military brat" she had the opportunity to travel the world, gleaning insights to different cultures and ways of life which ultimately shaped her worldview. When her father retired in 1993 her family settled in Columbus, GA, the place Dr. Sykes calls home.

     While neither of her parents achieved more than a high school diploma, they vehemently stressed the importance of hard work and education. Dr. Sykes and her sisters were taught that education is the passport to achieving success in life as a skilled professional and contributing member of society; a resounding message that was not lost. 

     As an advocate for education, upon graduating Columbus High School Liberal Arts Magnet program in 1998, Dr. Sykes went on to obtain a Bachelors of Business Administration degree in Management Information Systems from Columbus State University in 2003, followed by a Master’s of Science degree in International Management from Troy University in 2006, and in 2012, she received her Doctorate of Business Administration degree in Management and Organizational Behaviors from Argosy University.

     Dr. Sykes is a learning and development consultant, educator, speaker and author. She is the Founder/CEO of Eiram Management Group, LLC, which provides homeowner association and property management services throughout the Atlanta metro area. Additionally, she actively serves on the Board of Directors of the Georgetown Commons Homeowners Association, overseeing the budget and ensuring compliance to governing bylaws and covenants.

     As a former educator, Dr. Sykes had the wonderful opportunity to teach both graduate and undergraduate business college courses for Strayer University and the University of Phoenix. She served as Lead Faculty Area Chair for the School of Business at the University of Phoenix for two consecutive terms (2014 & 2015). In this role she was responsible for academic governance; led a team of 15 faculty members in the Management, Law, Ethics, and Entrepreneurship content areas, conducted routine in-class and online classroom observations to evaluate faculty performance with a heightened focus on assessment rigor, teaching methodology/ effectiveness, and student engagement.

     Dr. Sykes consistently demonstrated a commitment of partnership and collaboration with colleagues to uphold the university standards and commitment to deliver quality education to students. In 2014, she was awarded the Faculty of the Year at the University of Phoenix for her outstanding work.

     During her time at the University of Phoenix, Dr. Sykes had the opportunity to serve as Campus Faculty Assessment Liaison (CFAL) for the School of Business, overseeing the assessment of student learning outcome program for the College of Business with the primary goal to “close the loop” to yield improved student learning outcomes and enhance curriculum quality. 

     Dr. Sykes's goal throughout her personal and professional career has simply been to make a positive impact in the lives of others within and around her community. This is evident in her continued commitment and efforts to fight against community hunger, working with non-profit organizations such as Atlanta Community Food Bank and Make the Homeless Smile Atlanta (MTHSA) where she contributes her time and resources on an ongoing basis. She believes if we all just show up, lend a helping hand and address a need, our communities will thrive.

     Now with all her knowledge, skills, experience, a heart for service and unyielding commitment to positively impact the lives of others throughout her community she is running as a candidate for the Board of Education for Henry County District 3.

When elected, she will work in partnership with board members, school leaders and teachers to:

  • Encourage a stronger dual focus on the below programs: 

          1.) College readiness

          2.) Career readiness

  • Propose the adoption of Magnet School Program(s) with a special curricular focus in:
          1.) Nursing​​
          2.) Technology
  • Work to budget more funds to hire additional bus drivers, bus monitors and for the repair and purchases of new buses.​

  • Allocate resources strategically to support quality education throughout Henry County School Districts.

  • Make excellence the standard for student performance across all disciplines in every school with a keen focus on reading and mathematics.

  • Place greater attention to curriculum monitoring, instruction and teaching practices.

  • Identify innovative teaching strategies to heighten student engagement across all learning styles.

  • Evaluate both leader & teacher initiatives for low performing schools.

  • Recruit & retain top-performing teachers by equipping teachers with adequate tools and resources to be successful.

  • Promote shared accountability for improved student performance from leaders, teachers, students, parents, and community. 

  • Evaluate special education program effectiveness and funding.

  • Support educational campaigns to address and combat school violence, bullying, vaping and sex trafficking in the districts.